3 Signs of Autumn

Explore how you can utilise the signs of the changing seasons to prepare your home for the colder months that lay ahead.

The finale of the year is in full swing before the winter curtain falls across the natural landscape. As well as enjoying this autumnal spectacle, it is time for many of us, just like the local wildlife to prepare for the winter months ahead. Below are 3 key signs demonstrating this climatic shift and more importantly how we can use these natural signals as inspiration in our homes. 

1. Turning Leaves 

The most distinctive visual change is the transforming tree line amongst our woods and forests as the green tones are replaced with yellows, browns and reds. This process occurs due to to shorter daylight hours and cooler temperatures which cause the tree's food factories (aka the leaves) to stop producing chlorophyll fade in colour and eventually fall to the ground. 

Interiors Inspiration Tip

Use a warming colour palette with decorative furnishings inspired by the autumn woodlands. Include rich browns and amber yellows blended with the comforting russet shades as seen in conkers and bracken. 

2. The Still Forest

It is not something we necessarily see happen instantaneously but something a little more progressive. It is the slow winding down of the wildlife ecosystem. It begins in September with a surge in activity, as a number of mammals and birds seek warmer climes or winter nests either by migrating or hibernating. Yet by the time October arrives the forest floor suddenly seems a lot calmer and still and as we head into the colder conditions of November the woodland eventually falls silent. 

Interiors Inspiration Tip

Keep your room furnishings simple, warming and calm. Hang thick curtains and roll out the wool throws. Use large candles and soft table lamps to ease the transition from day to night. Most importantly love your fireplace, they are proven to lower blood pressure during the winter months and have a calming effect on your brain, as well as keeping you cozy and warm. 

3. Cold Crisp Mornings

One of the biggest tell tale signs that winter is approaching is when you pull back the curtains and see a layer of water droplets covering the surface of the lawn. Stepping outside the air suddenly has a different scent, it feels and smells cleaner, crisper and more natural you suddenly feel more at one and connected with the environment.

Interiors Inspiration Tip 

Keep materials as natural as possible in your home during these early winter months. Avoid heavy use of metals and plastics and opt for different types of woods, waxes and fabrics. These materials are more likely to subtly blend the earthy scents from your garden and delicately balance your home by bringing a taste of the outdoors in. 

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