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★★★★★ Reviews | Free UK Delivery
★★★★★ Reviews | Free UK Delivery

fitting self adhesive planks

How To Install Your Planks

Just Peel and Stick!

NatureWall Self Adhesive Planks are incredibly simple to install even with the most limited DIY experience. Watch our video to see how simple it is to achieve your perfect real wood wall or download the full fitting guide below.

We call it 'Peel and Stick' because it really is that simple. Just 'Peel' away the backing paper from the tape and 'Stick' the planks directly to your wall. We recommend using our J Roller to apply heavy pressure across the face of the boards to activate the adhesive and create a lasting bond. This is an important step and will validate your 10 Year NatureWeld Guarantee.

Our planks are designed to stick and built to last - so we’ve got your back for a whole decade. If you have fitted the planks correctly and the product fails during that time, we’ll replace the order free of charge. Here's all the important information you need to know about the NatureWeld Guarantee Terms and Conditions.


What surface is best for the planks?

We recommend applying the planks to any smooth, flat and primed surface. Plastered walls, plasterboard and plywood will all work just make sure to give them two coats of either a matt emulsion or wood primer first. Leave to dry for 48 hours and ensure the wall is completely dry and clean before installing your planks.

Can the planks be fitted in a Bathroom?

Bathrooms can be tricky due to high levels of humidity which can cause the wood to swell. Our advice is to avoid shower rooms however you can install the product in a very well ventilated bathroom, as long as the wood does not come into direct contact with any water.

Can the planks be fitted around a Fireplace?

Yes, as long as the surface you’re applying NatureWall to isn’t exposed to the fire’s combustible materials - it needs to be 45cm from the fire source or flue. Lots of customers fit around log burners and stoves but for extra safety make sure to consult your stove or fire installer for advice, as every situation is unique.

Do I have to acclimatise the planks?

Yes - this is very important just like any wood product it is vital that you allow the planks time to adjust to the temperature and humidity of their new home. We advise removing the planks from the cardboard but leaving them in the strapping. Then place the packs flat on the floor in the room you are installing them in for at least 3 days.

Are the planks easy to cut?

Yes - the planks are very easy to cut with just a normal handsaw which you can get from most hardware stores.

Can I attach fixtures such as shelves to the planks?

Yes - Lots of customers fit TV brackets, shelving and other fixtures to the planks. Just drill through the plank into your sub wall and use the appropriate wall plugs / fixings.

What about around sockets and switches?

There are a couple of options. You can either remove the faceplate, place the planks behind it and then using longer screws go through the plank and into the socket so the faceplate sits proud of the plank. Alternatively simply measure and cut the planks to size and fit flush around the socket.

Can the planks be fitted to a ceiling?

Yes as long as the ceiling is smooth, just follow the same fitting instructions as walls applying heavy pressure with the J Roller to ensure maximum adhesion. If you have a textured ceiling you will need to strip any coverings first and then prime before installing the planks.

Will they really stick?

Absolutely! The tape is incredibly high bond made from acyrlic foam. It is designed to bond aircraft components so you can only imagine how strong it is. We are so confident in the bond that we guarantee it for a minimum of 10 Years! That's our NatureWeld Guarantee.

Do I need the J Roller?

The tape is coated with 'pressure sensitive adhesive' this means in order for the adhesive to be activated it needs pressure applying. To achieve this you need to apply heavy pressure across the plank using our J Roller, which is specifically designed for this job. Using the J Roller also ensures your 10 year NatureWeld Guarantee is valid.

Can the planks be used as a Kitchen splash back?

The planks can be used as a kitchen splash back however we recommend adding our Splash Protect treatment (+£5 per m2) which treats the face of the planks with a commercial grade sealant to protect them from splashes and scuffs.