NatureWeld™ technology is what makes our boards the best around. Sometimes it takes a lot of work to make something simple, and we’ve spent years developing a method that anyone can use, and anyone can understand.

We know it works, and we know it’ll work for you if you follow these six steps:

1. Rest

Let your boards acclimatise in their new home for three days.

2. Clean

Get rid of all dust and debris, from old wallpaper to wallplugs.

3. Prime

A coat of paint for plaster walls, or primer for MDF and plywood.

4. Dry

Make sure your wall is completely dry. Leave it for 24 hours to be sure.

5. Stick

Create initial bond by pushing down lightly on the board by hand.

6. Roll

Use a NatureWeld™ J-Roller to apply firm pressure all over.

If you prepare properly and apply the boards the right way, you’ll have a beautiful wood wall that will really last. And you can enjoy your taste of nature safe in the knowledge that if there are any problems, we’ll make it right.

That’s the 10 Year NatureWeldTM Guarantee.

That’s the NatureWeld™ Guarantee.