Our Story

Love it

NatureWall started with John. Or, more specifically, in John’s shed. A workshop full to the brim with ideas and creativity. In went everything from reclaimed scaffolding boards to A-grade oak. And out came clever woodwork creations that really made people smile.

Creativity inspired by deep forests, mountain peaks and windswept beaches. Getting hands on with nature, and igniting those sparks of invention.

For John, there’s always something new on the horizon. Places to see. Skills to master. Challenges to be overcome.

That’s the roots of NatureWall. Something new. Something fresh. Something loved.

Make It

What started as an idea didn’t stay that way for long. For someone like John, if you love it, you make it. So he did.

Mighty oaks grow from little acorns, and NatureWall didn’t stay an acorn for long. With hard graft, serious study, and years of dedication, John honed his skills, and discovered a way to bring the beauty of wood into all types of homes, from Hull to Helsinki.

A range of stunning finishes, from beach hut chic to log cabin cosy. All backed up by groundbreaking technology that sticks. No mess, no fuss, no problem. We guarantee it.

Sometimes it takes a lot of work to make something so simple.

Pass it on

The best thing about making things is sharing them, so that’s what John did next.

Passing on skills and expertise to a passionate team who could share NatureWall with the world. Talented woodworkers looking to learn. People like Chris, Ben, Jack and Sarah. And customers who want a slice of the wilderness for themselves. People like you.

That’s who we are. A team who share the beautiful things they produce with the world. Who make it easy to reinvent your home. To create something that makes you smile.

Live it

So that’s NatureWall. Beautiful and functional. Clever and simple. Outdoors and indoors, all at once. But it’s more than that.

NatureWall is about believing in nature. Thinking sustainably. The big picture, not fast fashion. It’s that feeling when you breathe deep and smell the forest. A product made by people who care, who hold nature in their hands and know why it will look perfect on your wall. That’s the spirit John and his team want to pass on.

Live it. Breathe it. Bring nature home.