Peel And Stick Wood Wall UK Transforms Your Home Or Business

Peel and stick wood wall UK wall panels can transform almost any room in your home or business, giving the space a new, fresh look. Making changes to your home or business to bring them up to date can be time consuming and expensive. It can also mean a lot of upheaval for you, your family or your customers and clients. Choosing stick-on wall panels can change that. The simple-to-apply panels bring natural elements into a room and brighten up drab interiors without the time and expense of needing to completely remodel or redecorate.

Transforming Your Home With Wood Wall Panelling

For many people, their favourite childhood memories are of being outdoors, playing in green spaces or running through wooded areas and climbing trees. As people grow up, the majority spend less time outside in nature, often only being adventurous in the woods when on holiday. Many people try to rekindle their memories of the wild outdoors by bringing natural elements into the home. The difficulty with that is that these elements often require constant attention, such as indoor plants; are expensive to install, such as wooden floors; or just are not real enough, such as laminate floorings and faux plants. However, using peel and stick wood wall UK based panels, it is possible to bring a taste of nature into your home without encountering these issues. These panels come in a range of shades that allow you to create the perfect look for each room. You can choose peel and stick wood panels for walls UK based that suit your current décor and furniture, or create a whole new look and colour scheme. The panels are easy to fit and require minimal tools and preparation, meaning less interruption to family life and a lot less mess than traditional decorating. What's more, peel and stick wood wall panels UK manufactured are designed for use in almost any room in the house, except those that experience very high humidity such as a bath or shower room. This means that you can use the panels to create a host of different looks or create a theme that runs through your entire home.

How Peel And Stick Wood Wall Panels Can Give Your Business A New Lease Of Life

Tired offices, commercial buildings, and other premises can negatively affect those working in them and those visiting them. Clients and customers will often judge a company by the look and feel of their premises. So, if your offices are drab and rundown, visitors may assume that your company is also tired and running behind the times. However, updating the look of commercial premises can be a time consuming and expensive undertaking. As well as the costs associated with decorating, there is the potential loss of income to consider if you need to close while the work is going on. Many simple decorating fixes may be quick and inexpensive, but they often look cheap and this again may not reflect well on your company. Peel and stick wood wall panels offer a convenient and simple alternative. Such panels can be fitted with minimal disruption to your business, allowing your team to continue with their normal day and for customers and clients to continue to visit without risk to their health or safety. The panels require no additional fixtures, so there is no drilling or banging unless you wish to add wall hangings onto of the peel and stick wood wall covering that you choose. The nature of the panels also means that you can cover as much or as little of your wall space as you want. So if you want to create a feature wall, you can; or you can cover the walls of an entire office just as easily. The panels are versatile and easy to keep clean. Therefore, once they are installed, you can keep your offices or other commercial premises looking good.

Why Choose Peel And Stick Over Other Types Of Wood Panelling?

One of the main benefits that peel and stick panels have over other types of wood panelling is the simplicity. Fitting the panels simply requires you to prepare your walls by removing any debris and stripping off any wallpaper or ageing, loose paint. Once your walls are free from dust and debris, you can use a spirit level to draw guidelines and use these to stick the panels to the wall in the correct positions. If the panels need to be cut to size, this can be achieved with a fine-toothed hand saw. Unlike other wood wall coverings, there are no tricky grooves to line up and no need to drill holes or deal with fiddly fixtures. This reduces mess, dust and the potential to damage either your walls or the panels. Good quality peel and stick wood wall UK designed panels come in a range of colours, shades and lengths as well. This enables you to create the perfect design for the room that you are working on. Other wall panels are often only available in one colour, leaving you with a flat finish, or require you to buy additional packs of different colours to create a unique finish. This can leave you with a lot of excess panels and can be very expensive. When you buy through a company like Naturewall, you also know you are getting a quality product that is 100% FSC Redwood and VOC free.

For Exceptional Peel And Stick Wood Wall UK Panels, Try Naturewall
If you want to create a unique look for your home or business, then why not try peel and stick wood wall UK manufactured panels from Naturewall? We take a great deal of pride in the quality of the panels we produce and the ease with which they can be fitted. To ensure you are completely happy with your choice of panels, we offer free samples which can be received by signing up to our newsletter and revealing the code on our website at We also provide a full installation guide to support you every step of the way. If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach us on 01482 833479 or by emailing us via