Here’s how to get your boards ready for action, and make sure your wall is too.


The wood needs time to get used to your home, so let it breathe.

Take your boards out of their box, but don’t cut or remove the strapping.

Leave them on the floor laid out separately for at least five days in the room where you’re installing them.


It’s vital that your boards are installed over a clean, flat surface.

Remove all debris, like old nails or staples.

Strip off any old coverings like wallpaper or old, peeling paint.

Wipe the surface with a dry cloth to remove all dirt and dust.


NatureWeld™ technology needs a properly primed surface to stick.

Give plaster walls a coat of emulsion.

Use primer to cover MDF or plywood surfaces.

It’s a good idea to use a similar colour to your chosen NatureWall blend.


It’s really important your wall is totally dry before you start.

Ensure any new paint has enough time to fully dry.

We suggest waiting for at least 24 hours.