Cutting and installing NatureWall boards is so quick and easy.


Here’s what you’ll need...

A tape measure to make sure your boards fit.

A spirit level to make sure they’re straight.

A pencil to get things started off.

A wood saw to cut your boards.

A NatureWeld™ J-Roller to finish things off.

A mug, teabags and milk. Two sugars optional.


Make sure you’ve got your pencil ready.

Mark a horizontal reference line right across your wall.

Use your spirit level to make sure your reference line is level.

Use the line to make sure your first boards are straight.


Take your time. The technique is the same for every board.

Carefully peel off the backing from all three strips.

Align the board with the reference line, or other boards.

Apply light pressure using your fingers to stick it down.


You’ll need to trim some boards to fit.

Check the length needed using a tape measure.

Use a pencil to mark the line of the cut.

Use a wood saw to cut through the board and tape.

Peel and stick just the same as the rest.


Make sure your NatureWall creation is properly installed.

Use a NatureWeld™ J-Roller, available in the accessories section.

Apply heavy, even pressure to the face of each board.

Cover the whole wall, to make sure every board sticks.

Remember: If you don’t use a NatureWeld™ J-Roller, you won’t benefit from the NatureWeld™ Guarantee.

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